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My most popular presentations focus on

  • Creating a BRILLIANT success culture
  • Extracting and sharing brilliance
  • Scaling your organization without fear

I also welcome opportunities to create tailored keynotes and workshops to meet your specific event goals. The outcome is high-impact sessions addressing your organization's particular opportunities and challenges.

What do you want your attendees to learn? What are your strategic priorities? Expect presentations crafted not just to captivate audiences but also to drive measurable results.

The first step? Let's connect to determine the key goals for your event. Collaborating early allows us to design an electrifying and activating experience that inspires and equips attendees to excel in their workplace.

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My Most Popular Keynotes and Workshops

Create A BRILLIANT Success Culture

Extract and Share Your Brilliance

Fearless Scaling

Success culture
Extract and share
scaling without fear

Today’s complex business climate demands resilient, high-performing cultures that adapt quickly while keeping risks low.

Meet the BRILLIANT Success Culture framework. This presentation introduces drivers such as purpose, communication, success behaviors everyone agrees on, and effective knowledge-sharing to yield sustainable business growth.

Attendees will gain insights to drive business impact, mitigate stagnation risk, and nurture well-being. When you do this, revenue has no choice but to go up.

The outcome? An empowered team ready to adapt and consistently outperform whatever comes next.

A successful business owner struggled to transfer his specialized expertise for over a decade - the "secret sauce" driving growth. Convinced it couldn’t be standardized, he remained overwhelmed trying to meet scaling demands personally.

That all changed when he discovered Brilliance Mining™ - methodically unlocking both conscious and unconscious knowledge from his mind into a scalable operating system. He was stunned it could be done so fast. The process allowed him to step back into a visionary role while exponential revenue growth is now powered by shared expertise, experience, and wisdom ("brilliance").

Offered in two versions (for business owners and employees).

Brilliant vision without scalability is inspiration expiring on the vine. This speech explores organizations poised for immense global betterment but constrained by reliance on undiscovered founder brilliance.

Take the social entrepreneur providing lifesaving support for half a million at-risk youth. Or the software pioneer modernizing governmental lawmaking through technology. We all stand to lose should their brilliance remain locked inside one mind rather than immortalized through knowledge transfer.

The talk leaves audiences recognizing both the imperative and methodology for scaling high-impact visions through unlocking and perpetuating institutional knowledge.


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What Other People Are Saying About Dr. Stephie

Robert Donnell

Robert Donnell

P5 Marketing

Taking knowledge we have in our heads and putting it on paper is hard. Turing it into a process that others can execute is even harder.
I spent two hours with Dr. Stephie today and accomplished more than I could have done on my own in a month!

Grant Vergottini

Grant Vergottini

CEO, Xcential Corporation

The Brilliance Mining™ system is unique. It taps into the organization's innate wisdom and utilizes it in ways I have never seen before. It collects many years of experience and makes it usable and transferrable. Training and collaborative learning have become so much more effective.

The possibilities from that are stunning!

Jon MacDonald

Jon MacDonald

Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Fairfield Residential

I have found that once or twice in a decade, if I'm lucky, I'll walk away from a discussion that has the potential to impact the way I live my life. Sometimes the potential is to impact the overall happiness of others or me; sometimes, it is the potential to impact my career.

The word "profound" comes to mind following one of these rare discussions. I just had one of these discussions with Stephie; this one has the potential to impact both others' and my own overall happiness and my career.