Amplify Your Expertise

Leveraging Your Expertise for a Greater Impact and Reward

My mission is to leverage your brilliance and make it immortal.

By "brilliance" I mean your unique combination of expertise, experience, and wisdom you use every day to run and grow your company or organization. 

With Brilliance Systems™, you get to grow and scale what you are doing,
you can delegate effectively, and you regain more of your time.
You can pass on what you have created, and leave a legacy.

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Thinking Partner

As your Thinking Partner, you can count on complete confidentiality. 

  • Unbiased listening
  • Sounding board
  • Fresh eyes
  • Opportunity realization
  • Leadership excellence
  • Agile thinking
  • Organizational leverage
  • Accelerated results

I bring 20+ years of experience in C-level leadership, a Ph.D. in science, a strong analytical mind, and business turnaround successes. I am also a certified executive coach, trained in Harvard breakthrough methods. Above all, I am devoted to you reaching your goals!


Process Management

We document your expertise for:

  • Efficient onboarding
  • Reduced brain drain
  • Improved processes
  • Seemless delegation
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Accelerated growth/scaling-up
  • Increased business value
  • More market impact
  • Make intangible expertise tangible

I am an expert at capturing and systemizing expertise. My proven Brilliance Extraction System gets fast results. I do this without bogging down you or your staff.

Intangible expertise becomes transferrable and trainable. You now have a durable and valuable asset.

Intellectual Capital

We create courses and company academies with and for you. 

  • Onboarding new employees
  • Training your team
  • Improving processes
  • Educating prospects
  • Supporting customers
  • Selling your expertise online
  • Make intangible expertise available

Our academy offers business and leadership courses, workshops, and coaching for subject matter experts who are leaders. As a "recovering Ph.D. chemist" I am familiar with the dilemma of being a subject matter expert and learning other skills when taking on business and leadership responsibilities. 


Some of the brands I have worked with:​

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Need a Thinking Partner?

When others recommend me to their friends they often say that I am wicked smart. They say that I have helped them think through something quickly and that they have gotten a great result. They also say that I really want to help - and that I did help them.

Do you want a fresh perspective, and have someone on your side to help you think through a situation, a plan, or a vision? The first call/ Zoom meeting is absolutely free, and we can see whether I can help you.

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My Books

After turning around several companies successfully, I was asked to write about how we did it.  It was a bigger task than I thought!

Two practical, quick-to-read Top-Notch CEO Guides were published as a result:

  • Volume 1: "101 Quick Tips for High-Talent Companies" (expertise-driven companies) 
  • Volume 2: "101 Quick Tips for ESOP Leaders" (leaders of employee-owned companies)

These books are a great stand-alone read, and they are even better when digested and applied in a small circle of your peers, guided by Dr. Stephie.

Get your printed copy on Amazon or the eBook version here.

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I have found that once or twice in a decade, if I'm lucky, I'll walk away from a discussion that has the potential to impact the way I live my life. Sometimes the potential is to impact the overall happiness of others or me; sometimes it is the potential to impact my career. The word "profound" comes to mind following one of these rare discussions. I just had one of these discussions with Stephie; this one has the potential to impact both others' and my own overall happiness and my career.

Jon MacDonald, Executive Vice President & General Counsel,
Fairfield Residential

My Story

I started out my career as a Ph.D. chemist, award-winning scientist, and innovator. I became a group leader heading up my own research area and then got intensely passionate about learning what it takes to successfully commercialize innovation.

MIT Technology Review Magazine recognized me as 1 of the 100 most promising young innovators under the age of 35. I also won two coveted "Small Business InnoResearch Research" Awards.

Driven to succeed in my career and for our innovations to make a tangible difference in the world, I searched for courses on entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, and business. I absorbed this knowledge and applied it to the innovations my research group was developing.

In 2005, I quit my job as a scientist and started my own company.